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We are happy to announce the availability of CADopia 12 the latest release of CADopia. This update adds significant functionality and enhancements that will benefit engineers, architects, designers, drafters and other users of technical drawings. The new features will help you work with even greater speed, flexibility and efficiency.

Some of the new features in CADopia 12 are:

Smart Dimensions

CADopia users can now use a single SmartDimension tool to create linear, aligned, radial, diametrical, arc length, and angular Dimensions. Users will find a new menu selection item for this on the Dimension menu and a toolbar icon on the Dimension toolbar. Within a single command, you can select an entity type place the Dimension in the desired location and continue selecting different entity types to dimension allowing you to quickly and efficiently dimension your drawing.


Dimensions on Sheets to Model Geometry

Instead of creating relative Dimensions only in Model space, CADopia users can now place Dimensions on a Sheet that are linked to geometry in the Model area. With this new functionality, users can create relative Dimensions on a Sheet independent of the Viewport scale.


Flipping Dimension Arrows

Users can now easily flip Dimension Arrows from either displaying between or outside of Dimension Extension lines by clicking on the grip points for Dimensions. This allows effortless editing of the Dimensions, so users can display the dimensions precisely the way they want.


3D Solid Modeling enhancements (Professional Edition)

CADopia 12 uses a newer version of the ACIS solid modeling engine now. Besides being able to do advanced editing operations such as shell, move, offset and tapered faces on 3D solid models, you can create fillets to smoothen sharp edges in 3D solid models.


Print Configurations

New Print configurations are available now that can store advanced print settings for different layouts and use preset configurations across multiple projects.

Apple Mac specific enhancements

CADopia 12 Professional edition is now available for the Mac OS X Lion Operating system, besides supporting earlier versions of OS X. Other Mac specific enhancements include support for Voice Notes and Spellchecker.

3DConnexion support

Support for 3DConnexion input devices for Windows for quick 3D navigation on screen

Performance and stability improvements

We have collected extensive feedback from our users. This feedback has helped the development team make performance and stability improvements across the board.

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